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Chelsea 2008-The Daily Telegraph Garden

Gold Medal

This garden was inspired by traditional Japanese gardens, where the simplicity of design, planting and materials bring a sense of peace and unity- and yet is very British using plants and materials suitable for the UK.

The reflective surface of water creates an atmosphere of calm and is a bold statement about the garden as an environment that can bring harmony and peace.

All the elements of this garden are kept in harmonious relation through a carefully balanced design and the result is a counterpoint of different textures, materials, and plants. The still, glistening surface of water is complemented by the visual interest created by the informality of some plants and the neat texture of the yew hedges.

The garden remains very much a garden to be found in England, with interesting and harmonious planting such as can be found in English gardens and using stone and slate found in England.

Chelsea 2008
Chelsea 2008
Chelsea 2008
Chelsea 2008 Chelsea 2008
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